Welcome to TL Consulting Services

from Beginning to the End. Our services cover from product development to the end of product life-cycle, and anything in between. Area include design, development, sourcing, manufacturing, logistic, wholesales, retail, sales, marketing, and after sales support.

Back by 25 years experiences in the field of Manufacture, Wholesales, and Retail. With knowledge in designing, packaging, product compliance, logistic challenges, channel management, and mass accounts requirement. All obstacles and market demand can be answer and resolve under one point of contact.

从始至终. 我们的服务涵盖从产品开发到产品生命周期结束的所有过程, 领域包括设计, 开发, 采购, 制造, 物流, 批发, 零售, 销售, 市场营销和售后支持.

拥有25年对生产, 批发和零售方面的经验. 具有设计, 包装, 产品合规性, 物流挑战, 渠道管理和大卖场客户需求方面的知识. 我们就是为您解决所有障碍和市场需求的一站式服务中心.